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Not Quite Centered

April - June 2008
25" x 25"
Kaufman Radiance sateen
Machine pieced and machine quilted
YLI #100 silk thread in needle & bobbin
Hobbs wool batt

A new chapter in my quilting life began with floods of inspirations flowing from Diane Gaudynski's workshop at Asilomar in the spring of 2008. After returning home, I had bouts of feeling 'not quite centered' - you know, not quite myself; full of ideas but unsure where they would lead. This is a sample 'quilting sandwich' I made to test techniques for a larger quilt. As it transformed from a practice piece to a small wall hanging, it seemed completely appropriate that it was 'not quite centered'.

This is the first time I tried Susan Cleveland's piping techniue. It is a great method, and I was pleased with the effect on this quilt.


Best Machine Workmanship ~ Wall Quilts Pacific International Quilt Festival 2008

Teacher Award ~ Images 2009

A Quilters Gathering ~ 2008

New England Quilt Museum ~ Featured Artist ~ 2009

Machine Quilters Exposition ~ 2009

Details of machine Quilting


Detail of border quilting. Yes - the corner heart was trapunto'd.

Detail of celtic knot and sashing

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