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Square in Square I



14" x 14"

YLI #100 silk thread in needle & bobbin

Hobbs wool batt

This miniature quilt was inspired by the "Concentric Squares Quilt" exhibited at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont during their "Art of the Needle" exhibition of 100 quilts during 2006 - 2007.  The colors of the original quilt made my eyes pulsate with the dissonance of the strong complementary colors.  I enjoyed trying to duplicate this effect in miniature.

The quilting designs were inspired by the quilting of the original "Concentric Squares Quilt", combined with some of my favorite traditional quilting designs (reduced in size, of course!)


Machine Quilting Excellence, Hon. Mention

A Quilters' Gathering, 2010

Lynn Harris Miniatures, Second Place

National Quilters Society, 2011

Miniature Quilts, Third Place

Houston International Quilt Festival, 2011

Juried Exhibits

A Quilters' Gathering - 2010

American Quilters Society Paducah - 2011

National Quilters Society Columbus - 2011

Houston International Quilt Festival - 2011

Road to California - 2012

Quilts: A World of Beauty 2011 - 2012


Kansas City

Long Beach


Detail of machine Quilting


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