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Blues Sampler

2006 - 2008

50" x 50"

Hand and Machine Pieced

Machine Quilted

YLI Silk #100 thread in needle and bobbin

Dream Wool and Hobbs Tuscany Wool batt

Quilt design adapted from Mirage by Jinny Beyer

This is a quilt sampler made of left over blocks from a large quilt top that I hand pieced during 2005 and 2006.  The quilt is adapted from Jinny Beyer's 'Mirage', using my own colorways and border. 

I made this 'sampler' to test quilting designs before I began quilting the larger quilt top.  I used many different quilting designs, and experimented with different colors of silk thread, in the blocks, borders, and fill areas.

I was honored when Blues Sampler received the 'Viewers Choice' award at the Chelmsford Quilters Guild Show in May, 2010.



A Quilters Gathering ~ 2009

Chelmsford Quilters Guild ~ 2010


Viewers Choice Award ~ Chelmsford Quilters Guild 2010 Quilt Show

Detail of center row


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