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Asilomar Amish

Machine Pieced in 2008

Machine Quilted in 2010

42" x 42"

Layered with Hobbs Wool batt

YLI #100 Silk thread used for quilting, both in the needle and bobbin


I have always been drawn to Amish quilts, so I piece and layered this quilt in 2008 for a class with Diane Gaudynski (given at Empty Spools Seminars, in Asilomar, CA).  Although I did not work on this quilt during the class, it stayed at the top of my UFO pile (and often on top of my bed!) 

Early in 201I decided to finish this quilt.  I drafted the traditional quilting designs to fit the dimensions of the quilt.  I left the background areas unquilted on purpose - many traditional Amish quilts are also without background quilting.  The wool batt has more loft in the unquilted areas, which makes this a very warm yet lightweight quilt to use.


Exhibit & Award

A Quilters Gathering 2010 ~ Reflection of Theme, Honorable Mention

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