Trunk Show: Listening to your Quilts

Diane shares her first quilts and the different quilting styles she has explored through the years.  Many quilts, quilt tops, and machine quilting samples illustrate the different stages of Diane's quilting journey.  Most quilts have lessons to teach if you listen to them!  You will see a wide range of techniques including traditional hand and machine piecing, elaborate hand Baltimore Album applique, trapunto, and heirloom machine quilting.  All of Diane's quilts are quilted on her home sewing machine - you'll learn that you don't need a longarm to achieve beautiful machine quilting effects!   Be inspired and examine some of Diane's favorite and award winning quilts up close.



 Antique Baltimore Album Quilts                        

Whether you want to reminisce about an unforgettable exhibit or experience the quilts you missed seeing, you won't want to miss this talk. Diane will take you on an expertly guided tour of antique Baltimore Album Quilts displayed over the past decade.  Over 100 detailed photographs let you see the beauty of each quilt and details of the individual applique blocks - close enough to see every stitch!   You'll learn to identify the similarities (and differences!) between quilts made in the mid-19th century and the quilts we make today. Diane will bring her own Baltimore album blocks, tops, and quilts to share.